About Forsun

Forsun International Education is an American-based organization devoted to developing mutually-beneficial educational ties between the United States and China.

We hope to promote understanding, familiarity, and cooperation in the fields of education, culture, economy, sports, politics, and all other scholastic pursuits. As Aristotle tells us that “The fate of empires depends on the education of youth,” F&S International Education aims to guide the fates of the American and Chinese nations to friendly coexistence in the 21stcentury through cross-cultural education.


Our partner schools have unique histories and cultures, yet you will notice how common themes emerge across all of them: high standards, committed and polite students and a belief in the all-round development of young people.

One of the key aims within each centre is to also adequately prepare our students for successful university careers and for life overseas, in part developed through a modern, western style of teaching that encourages critical thinking, debate and application of learning.

Demand for our foreign curricula provision is extremely high and we are expanding our existing centers, in addition to opening in new locations over the next few years.


Expansion within our existing locations, as well as the opening of new centres, will create a wide range of opportunities at all levels for the next academic year and beyond.

Current projections indicate that our student numbers will grow from just over 1,000 this year to at least 3,000 within the next few years.

Appointments will be available for ESL & Mathematics teachers.